Description of the project by Prof. Aurelio Angelini

President of the UNESCO Sicily Foundation


Sicily, the people, the customs and the rites are the representation of its being a Mediterranean region. Land that has been hosting for millennia and where different cultures and peoples intersect and integrate. The Mediterranean contains an extraordinary wealth of places, cities, cultures, cultural, religious, biological and landscape diversity. The Mediterranean also represents the dividing line between wealth and poverty, between peace and war, between freedom and oppression, elements that with different shapes and accents are found in the shots and in the image of Sicily impressed by Giacomo Palermo.


Immigration has become a social macro phenomenon in Europe, which has found itself welcoming ever increasing numbers of foreigners, and we are witnessing, in the presence of second, or even third, generation immigrants, but this is the story of today, but Sicily today and in past centuries is the land of immigrants and migrants, it is the land of the Mediterranean peoples, an example of coexistence of people from different cultural components that have generated a Mediterranean-European civilization.


Giacomo Palermo's work tells us this story, we find in the colors with expressions this millenary story through the photo as an allegory and not as an object, an image that tells a story of a mixed humanity that is a mirror of the cultural syncretism of a Sicily and of Sicilians "showcase" of the Mediterranean landscape and humanity, in its broadest sense, which allows us to grasp the most important aspects of the Mediterranean.


Today our memory is full of an infinite quantity of photographic shots taken with mobile phones that distract us from the extraordinary beauty of photographic art, the photo having entered into everyone's daily life, modifying the idea of ​​the moment imprinted in a shot as a memory . Giacomo Palermo's photographs that immortalize faces, landscapes, stories, manage to mythologize a place: the Mediterranean, as a representation of nature and the human, contrast and synthesis at the same time that allows us to visit this place without moving and experience extraordinary emotions , enjoying the space-time uniqueness of the shot that gives us the authenticity of a place as a story and a story as a story.

Copyright photos by Giacomo Palermo


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