The Association "Lo Strillone Indipendente" born from the union of young professionals aims to spread photographic knowledge to citizens from all over the world. The Association has a voluntary and democratic nature, does not pursue profit-making purposes as its institutional purpose and is non-partisan; aims to promote, develop, disseminate and enhance the photographic culture, without discrimination of space, time, trends and styles.

 Art. 21 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic

 "Everyone has the right to freely express their thoughts in speech, writing and any other means of dissemination. The press cannot be subject to authorization or censorship."

Its headquarters are in Sicily but it carries out its activities mainly on-line.

Telephone number Italian: +39 333 63 888 50


“An impossible story which has the merit of being true”  (Paolo Mauri - La Repubblica)   The Mediterranean has always been a sea that, rathe...